When one becomes unencumbered by fear or concern of supernatural repercussions then the depths of depravity become infinite.


Then, and only then, can one's TRUE character be seen - by just how far he chooses to plumb those depths - if at all...


- Brymstone



I grow weary of those that do nothing but parrot the usual obfuscations and tired rhetoric of the Utopian bullsit-mongers of days past and best forgotten.


Should you find yourself suddenly in possession of your heretofore unrealized ability to wring out that sponge in your head and weave together an original idea you can truly call your own, THEN can you sincerely wear the mantle of progress.


Anything less is merely stagantion... and this writing ends where it began...


- Brymstone







When I find out all the reasons

Maybe I'll find another way

Find another day

With all the changing seasons of my life

Maybe I'll get it right next time

And now that you've been broken down

Got your head out of the clouds

You're back down on the ground

And you don't talk so loud

And you don't walk so proud

Any more, and what for...

- W. Axl Rose


If there's a new way

I'll be the first in line

But it better work this time...

- Dave Mustaine